Breakthrough & Weight Loss for Men

As a man, it is important to keep as happy and healthy as possible. But, as we age we find that our weight starts creeping up on us and before long we are 25+ pounds heavier than we were before. This is an issue that needs to be addressed and will not go away on its own. Men face numerous health issues including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart issues -not to mention aches, pains, fatigue, and lack of sex drive. And many times, adding medications can be complicated due to the side effects that come with them. Because men are physiologically more muscular than women and have less hormonal imbalances, weight loss goes much quicker and smoother. On the Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss program for men, you can experience an average of 1+ pounds per day of Fat loss – Not Muscle. With just one bottle of our Men’s Dual supplement and adhering to our plan for men, you can be 30-40 pounds lighter in just 6 weeks! Add in the 30 day detox cleanse and you will be supporting colon health and nutrient absorption. That is only a month and a half out of your life. Men, you can do anything for 42 days. Imagine, you will be on the road to better health, higher self-esteem, more confidence, higher sex drive, and feeling like your old self again. Click for your free plan, sign up for a free seminar, or call with any questions.

Brian’s Weight Loss Story


Brian Before


Brian After

The program changed my life. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment after being overweight for a very long time. I experienced a sense of pride at work because not only did I conquer this problem in my life, but I was able to inspire many coworkers to do the same. The first week was very difficult. After the first week, this program became very systematic for me and turned into a very easy lifestyle. The weight was coming off so fast and I had so much energy.  My mind was in a very good place, and I had confidence in this process and myself. My original goal was to get to 230lbs from 275. I got to 230 so fast I kept going and made it to 203. The greatest feeling in the world was buying all new clothes after I was done with the program. My pants were 42-44 waist when I was 275 pounds and now, I was buying all 36 pants when I was done. Doing this program absolutely changed my life for the better. For years, my weight issue was always on my mind, and like most men, I made a joke about it or just didn’t talk about it.  This was a huge burden that was lifted from me.


“This diet helped me reset mentally and physically.  It helped me feel that I had control of myself again.”
George T: 30 pounds in 38 days. 
“I have tried a lot of diets, but this one was great.  When I first heard about it, I couldn’t believe it, but I am a firm believer now!”  I feel great, best I have felt in 10 years.  Thank you so much.”
Joshua D: 37 pounds in 34 days. 
“This experience was great.  If I ever had a question or problem, I would call Nadine or Nan and they would get back to me right away.  You have to ready to commit, but it’s not hard because you know the diet is not forever.”Michael S: Six inches from waist, and 39 pounds in 54 days. 
“I think one of the keys to this diet is that it changes the way you eat.  Today I am 1.8 pounds below my maintenance weight of 177.6. I have cut out or down on sugars, white flour, and eating excessively.   I have to say I can’t believe it, but I am staying below my maintenance weight without suffering.  I am 27 pounds lighter than my loaded up weight of 202.8.  Thank you, this diet really works.”
John G
“It’s been very easy for me to keep the weight off since I did the diet.  I still get on the scale every day, and if I see my weight go up a little, I take care of it that day by staying away from carbs, drink a lot of extra water, and I go right back down the next day.  I don’t take any more blood pressure medication, and I feel great.”Peter V
“This diet was not easy for me, but it was worth it.  It helped me with portion control, and I am now more aware of the toxins in so many of the foods we eat, which also contribute to weight gain.  I still love my beer and pig roasts, but I am much more carful now.”Eric M: Lost 125 pounds in 5 months.
“Doing this diet has changed my life.  I used to exercise all the time and could not lose the weight, but just 2 months on this program got me results that I did not think was possible.  Losing this weight has helped me professionally.  I work in the fitness field and no longer worry about being replaced by a younger guy who is healthier or in better shape.  I am in shape AND have years of experience and wisdom, which is something these new guys out of college just don’t have.”John P: lost 50 pounds in 60 days.