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We are so thankful to have so many beautiful testimonials to share with people who are ready to take the jump into a whole new way of living and journey with Breakthrough. Breakthrough has gotten the chance to transform so many people’s mindsets, bodies and perspective on what healthy really is. Down below is only a handful of amazing content we’ve collected over the period of time we’ve been in business, but none the less, very powerful! Enjoy!

Nanette - before and after

Nanette began her program at age 40 weighing 200 lbs and wearing a size 16. She lost 50 lbs in 65 days and still wears a size 8, two years later.

Ed – before and after

Ed went on the program at age 61 weighing 250 lbs. In 35 days he lost 40 pounds and a year and half later still weighs 210 lbs.

After my heart attack, I wanted to lose the weight, lower my blood pressure, and cholesterol. In one month, all that happened. I don’t take any medication and now I lead a healthier life style and make better choices.

Kathryn – before and after

Kathryn began her program at age 41 weighing 220 lbs. In 4 months she lost 70 pounds, and now weighs 150lbs.

This program really helps people make the connection between mind and body.

I now stop and ask myself if the calories are really worth it.

This program changed my life and it taught me how to eat and be creative with food choices. The support is amazing.
The people are all like a big family and the coaches are fantastic!
54 pounds in 140 days.
Lost 40 inches

Chris P.

This program is simple yet incredibly effective. The support is incredible. Everyone is available to help you if you need it. This program will change your life!

74.8 pounds in 125 days

Anne B.

Been overweight for a long time. I should be 190 or under and had been creeping up towards 250. This program gave me the tools and confidence to
succeed where other diets have failed. I’ve since bought new clothes that fit!

35 pounds in 40 days

Brian F.

The first three days were crucial for me. I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I’ve learned how to handle my cravings and change
the way I think about food and think about my goal.

17 pounds in 18 days

Lilian B.

Big News for Breakthrough M2 in 2017!

Interview with Nan DeGroat – CEO Breakthrough M2


Breakthrough has been life-changing, for me and so many others!  I have lost almost a hundred pounds (a small child!) in six months, and I am maintaining that loss! I’ve tried other “diets” and programs, but Breakthrough is so much more.   I am no longer on blood pressure meds, my dangerously high cholesterol level is no longer even “high,” and I am no longer “morbidly obese,” a phrase that mortified me and made me feel like my life was hopeless!   Breakthrough presented me a new way of living: putting me first! Breakthrough works because you have to take control of you, what you eat, what works for you, what you need to focus on to reach your goals. Coupled with the professional support of Nan and the coaches, and the teammates on the journey with you, all of the tools for success are readily available, 24/7! This program is amazing, and that is exactly how I feel!  I am so grateful to Breakthrough! As I said, life-changing!!!!

99 pounds in 7 and half months

18-20 pants to size 6

Mary K.

I am so encouraged and thrilled that I can have a healthier lifestyle, look good and feel good. Also knowing that I can keep the weight off forever!
God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

39.5 pounds in 90 days
Went from a 14 to 9 pants size

Peggy M.

My high blood pressure is gone, carpal tunnel is gone (without surgery), acid reflux is gone.

60 pounds in 84 days
Went from a tight size 18 to 10

Tracie V.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
This has been a life changing
experience for me. I feel so healthy,
have so much energy. I feel as though
I walk around with a smile all the
The program was very easy to follow
for me. I loved that I have learned
how to eat healthy and eat clean.
Thank you!

42 pounds in 63 days
4 sizes down

Dawn W.

Started program at 196.6 pounds
Lost 72 pounds in 7 ½ months
Finished program at 124.6 pounds
Lost 41.75 inches
Went from size 16 pants size to size 4

My journey with Breakthrough started February 6, 2016. After years of trying several different ways to lose weight and them not working or me not being motivated enough I found the breakthrough program. I was at my heaviest and miserable. I needed to do something that would work. I convinced a friend to go with me to check it out. I convinced her to just try it for a month and we will see what happens. Well 20 pounds after the first month had me hooked. This was giving me the results I was searching for. I met my goal weight on September 24th, 7 1/2 months later. I was finally back to me! Finally looking in the mirror and feeling like myself again, I am so grateful to all the amazing people who created this path for me and supported my journey to a happier and much healthier lifestyle.

Carol B.

My high blood pressure and
Cholesterol levels are normal.
Inflammation is gone and I no longer snore.

Lost 83 pounds in 100 days
Went from a size 42 to a 36

John C.

I didn’t go into having high expectations. Thought this would be my last ditch effort because nothing worked in the past. This program exceeds anything I’ve ever done. It was very easy to stay motivated. I’m very thankful I found this program. I was constantly in pain and now I feel much better!

20 pounds in 35 days

Kim T

Being on the change of life diet has made me realize that I am worth the effort to make my life. I am proud to be where I am in life and who I am. You can teach an old dawg new tricks! It is great to be a loser!

92 pounds in 151 days
2XL to Medium Shirt
Size 48 to 34 Pants

Nick L.

My blood pressure and cholesterol are back down to normal levels.
Lost 44 pounds in 66 days

38 pants to size 34

Ken S.

Lori B. lost 40 pounds in 90
days. She lost a total of 27

Aaron S. lost 45 pounds in 50
days. Went from size XL to a

Diane M. lost 63 pounds in
127 days and has no more
aches and pains.

Claudia M. lost 35 pounds in 65 days.
Blood pressure is normal, after 2 years of
being very high. Thyroid levels have
improved and lost 18.5 inches.

Barbara P. lost 42 pounds in 154
days. She lost a total of 31 inches
and her cholesterol went from
280 down to 216!

They say there’s no take two in life, it’s take one only…. And I always believe that. I lived hard and fast in the Devil’s playground of Casinos…and life caught of up with me… My weight ballooned up to 340 pounds and it was becoming harder each day to handle. I was at the end of my rope. Then I found Breakthrough. Little did I know they were in the movie business and the healing game. They gave me a take two on life and a magical journey that changed my body, my mind, and my soul.

This program helps me to lose over 105 pounds. Once-in-a-lifetime you meet people who can change everything… In my case. I needed more than someone… I needed a team… Thanks to all my teammates, and special thanks to … NANETTE, Brian, Nadine, BONNIE, and MIKAYLA… It’s been a magical ride that seems to never end. I hope you find the same magic I did and I wish you all the best of luck. THANKS!!-

William M.

An anonymous testimonial from a fantastic, committed, victorious client of Breakthrough.

In January 2016 I was badly out of shape, overweight and considering if bypass surgery was the way for me to lose weight.Then I remembered a friend of mine had told me how she put on weight after bypass surgery. She told me how hard it was and didn’t recommend it. She also told me about the lifestyle change she implemented by using the Breakthrough M2 program to detox, eat healthy and lose weight. She lost 100 lbs., looked great and was much happier than she was after lap band surgery. After researching Breakthrough M2, I thought I had to at least try it. I was skeptical of my chances for success as I am blessed with atrocious eating habits (including not eating vegetables ) I’m not a great cook (my wife saved me there)and rely on an encyclopedic knowledge of every good deli , pizza place ,pub burger ,steak joint ,and bakery from the 5 boroughs of NYC ,Westchester, Orange, Dutchess counties to get my meals as I travel around NY .On January 21, I started The Breakthrough
program and lost 15 lbs. the first week. Within the first month I lost so much weight I started to feel weak. My coach sent me to the doctor and my blood pressure was very low. He took me off blood pressure pills and I felt much better. I had some rough patches where weight didn’t come off for a week, but inches did come off. I kept telling myself that quite a bit of neglect put me
in this shape, and some attention would be required to get back in shape. I started feeling much better than I had in years. I stayed on the low cal phase until the end of June. I lost over 150 lbs. I kept it off until the holidays when I slipped and put some weight back on. I got back on the diet on Jan 15 2017 and have lost all I had put on plus 20 more lbs. I lost over 175 lbs. total and this morning I was under 300 lbs. for the first time since the 90’s.

Here’s a few things I’ve learned on this diet.
1. Listen to your coach about checking side effects of your medicines
2. I didn’t lose weight on the 2 days each week I only got 4-5 hours’ sleep. Get your sleep.
3. I didn’t cheat at all, no going backward.
4. Some people comment on your weight loss, some don’t. Not one person told me when I put weight on. Lose it for yourself and weigh yourself daily.
5. Drink your water. I started out drinking 14 bottles a day. While driving 150-400 miles a day… it can be done.

My motivation to start the Breakthrough program was simple. Lose weight, avoid becoming diabetic. But what kept me on it
was results. The weight loss was great, but the way I felt and the mobility I regained was just as important. My doctor was amazed at my blood work. Sugar went from 6.4 to 5.2. Cholesterol was great also. I would like to give Nan a big Thank You! Also, I would like to thank Nadine, Brian and coach Donna for their help. ~ N.C.

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