Why Choose Breakthrough?

Lose Weight Efficiently and Timely

With most weight loss programs, you lose 1-2 lbs. a week. With Breakthrough, you lose an average ½ to 1 lb. a day.

Take personal responsibility

YOU choose and prepare the food yourself. Compare that with popular diet plans that simply send your food, but require no mental change or eating behavior modification.

No excess physical exertion

Although moderate exercise is encouraged, the Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss & Wellness System is less strenuous and more effective than pricey gym memberships and expensive home exercise equipment.

You are not alone

Nanette wants to help others lose weight and feel as good as she does. So she and her staff, who have all lost weight on the Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss & Wellness System, communicate with you by phone, weekly group coaching calls, Private Facebook page, and e-mail throughout the program. Many families and groups of friends do the program together to reinforce that sense of togetherness.

Less expensive

The weight loss is so rapid that the total cost of the supplements and groceries is significantly less than diet programs such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, and Nutri-System.

Personal Mentor

Nanette and her staff have all achieved significant weight loss on the program, so they know what you’re going through. They’re available for you to ask questions, discuss “real-world” challenges, share successes, or get the reassurance you need.

The last weight loss plan you’ll ever need

You’ll learn how to eat better, control portions, avoid certain foods, and develop healthy eating habits that you can use for the rest of your life.


“Thank you for getting me onboard with Breakthrough. I have never felt better! I’m down 32 pounds in 46 days. I’m getting better sleep and have a lot more energy.
– Priscilla S. ~ New York
“I am a housekeeper in a senior community where more and more people are giving me compliments about my looks. Some are calling me “skinny.” I am not use to this new body – I often feel fat. Then I walk by a mirror! I still find myself in the PLUS size part of the stores. I am amazed when I try on a “normal” size piece of clothing and it fits! I might even wear shorts this season! I really did have a break through!!”
– Joan C. ~ New Jersey
“Just returned from my doctor. She is intrigued with your program and she may start it!!
Results from blood work are: Hemoglobin 5.9 in June, now 5.4. My TSH is low, so she is reducing my thyroid medicine. Will retest in 4 months. Cholesterol was good. She also ordered a whole CBC to check everything because of the diet and my weight loss.”
– Vicki F. ~ New York